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Jean-Christophe Dubacq is a Debian user and system administrator since 1998...

I discovered Debian during my military service at École polytechnique (France). I had the duty of system administration in a place that had only been cared about by cheap young guys (like me) for a few years. The system was a total mess, combining a mix of bo and hamm Debian releases with workstations mostly running Linux.

Before that (and for a little time after that), I had used SunOs 4 and 5 (renamed Solaris) and took care of students-managed software at École normale supérieure de Lyon with a bunch of friends. That was a good place to learn Debian, apparently, since many alumni became Debian Developers later.

I am now tenured assistant professor in computer science (French maître de conférences) at University Paris Nord / Paris 13. My field of work is large-scale distributed computing. After managing the client installs for a few years in the computer science laboratory, and a few servers with that, I left that in the hands of people with more time than me for these tasks. I am therefore moving my own collection of packages to this repository.


Since I use the packages myself, I do have a strong commitment to keep these packages as safe as possible.

Please send me an email if you discover anything of concern in these packages.


This server is behind an ADSL line. A fast one, but this is just ADSL, with A standing for Asymetric. This means that is not that fast. This server is located in Paris, France.


My GPG public key is pub 1024D/38D092B4 2006-03-15, and the fingerprint is 080F 4FC3 E825 0080 207D 4464 90CD 8287 38D0 92B4, but you do not have to trust this page on that matter.

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